Welcome to Second Nature Cycling Blog!

Thanks for visiting and helping the launch of Second Nature Cycling blog (SNC).  In an effort of debating whether or not to start with a custom blog, I chose to start writing and sharing ASAP and leave the details of the aesthetics for later. So, bear with me as I start filing some past and present content to share.

This blog is intended for all those interested or even looking to get interested in cycling with an inside view of the industry.  Writing this also maintains my curiosity and love for riding bikes.  I feel that doing everything I can to invest in the future of the lifestyle is good for the whole.  Whatever you do in cycling, do it for the advancement of the sport and the environment around us.  Please share your thoughts through the appropriate channels and I will consider spotlighting interested readers who want to share as well.  Thanks again for visiting!  Now start reading!Image


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