The Summit 2013

CTD forks. EPS Campagnolo. R2R carbon bladed spokes.  The FD-TL90 tool from Shimano. Half to one and a half degree slack headset spacing from Cane Creek and FSA.  Wheel building and the financial cliff from Calvin Jones in the Park Tool corner.  My rendition is here.

It was a major growth since two years ago when I last attended the summit in Philadelphia, PA.  Being about fifteen minutes from the headquarters helped the steamed eggs provided by Hyatt both mornings with a side of bacon, fruit, OJ, and coffee.  The moment I arrived, it was plain to see the lifeblood of the industry flowing and primed for a fireworks event that perhaps may resonate until the 2014 summit.

A haven of tool and torque, the meeting required some heart to fully dive into the torrential downpour of critical information and advice from masters of their craft to the future keyholders of the industry.  I felt an isolation of cycling as a science and sport unlike any other moment in my travels to races, events, and expos.  This was a contingency of the passion of cycling.

The first day encompassed some ideology that really hit home and expressed the essentials of quality craftsmanship for small companies dedicated to passion, keeping people riding the edge of advanced cycling, and the importance of using a torque wrench on all things bike-related.

Campagnolo and FSA were at the forefront of rider feedback and experience while Cane Creek pointed its attention to enabling the rider to get the best out of their ride, both personally and socially through The Lounge, a facebook for riders to share their settings for suspension and trail experiences.  Think about it.  If every rider shared what they experienced on their trails and routes, it could create a wave of feedback that could sustain the industry for a generation. Many people think of bikes as a necessary influence in this area that feeds motivation for exercise and ego and vision.  If we can show everyone what engineers and scientists and innovators can transform the industry into with amazing components that can propel people down mountains at fifty MPH, then this was the epicenter that it all had the potential to start from.

After the first day of learning, I discussed the experiences with my buddies from the shop and came to realization that we could talk about it far longer in such acclaimed praise that anyone sensing our fervor for the ride would magnetically be drawn to our excitement and hop on their wheels to grab it for themselves.

The Classes:


Like a righteous cleansing, Campagnolo was a polished trophy that reveled in future and present glory with the shadow of a past decked in ribbons and flawless ideology.  The rep spoke of large vats of supersonic heated oil with chain links that never failed during 65mph+ descents and beautiful Italian women lacing Bora Ultra wheels.  Fortunately, I realized at this point that dreams were a reality here and that the EPS tuning shown after such a presentation accurately reflected my experiences installing it earlier this year.

More tomorrow  on FSA, Cane Creek, Mavic, Fox and others with photos!


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