The New Specialized Venge Vias

Hey everyone!  We’ve just got the one of the first Specialized Venge Vias bikes in the shop.  More photos of the completed bike to come later today!  It definitely looks sleek with the aero brakes and curvy handlebar.  The 64SLX Rapide wheels seem really light and also quite aero.  I’ll try to have a few photos of actual weights for the wheels and the complete bike with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 11 speed.  While the brakes look tucked into the frame, they seem easy to work on and I noticed all the little bits in the packaging made sense with flexible brake noodles leading to the brakes and the wires and junction tucked away nicely in the stem and under the bottom bracket.  One thing I really liked the concept of was the control unit and charging port located under the bottom bracket shell in a nice protective case (Junction A).  This means Junction B is placed up at the stem (hidden away), which is reverse of how you would normally install them.  More to follow!!!

Junction A inside BB shell case Aero Handlebar Rear Brake CLX64 Rapide wheels Vias Interesting downtube shape No brake mount holes here!  Aero front brake A very proprietary stem, but looks awesome Top view of stem Ceramic BB, SWORKS crank Front brake from behind the fork Another shot of brake. Rear brake Another rear brake photo Comes with a Quarq power meter!!! Charging port for Di2


4 thoughts on “The New Specialized Venge Vias

  1. How does the di2 block reversal work? I just tried swapping them around so rear mech; front mech and battery into the A block (5 connection) an e-tube up to the stem where I plugged this into a B Block with the two shifters into that so 2 adjacent ports for the shifters and one of the other 2 ports for the e-tube from the A block. Not surprisingly the shifting did not work. Is this only possible with a DA setup? Advice would be appreciated.

    1. Rob, have you updated the firmware or plugged it into the etube project software after the switch? Many times this corrects the issue. It should not matter if it is Ultegra or DA or any combination of the two. If you try this and it still doesn’t work, let me know and I can suggest a few things to check otherwise.

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