Bianchi Winter Project

So, I have been working some time on gathering up older Campagnolo parts for an Italian frame I’ve used on and off over several years to re-finish and rebuild.  It is nothing really unique, but the Columbus tubing has stayed in good shape and the feel of a steel frame on the road is hard to beat for comfort and classic.  I plan to use it for some touring, but primarily designated as my “flyfishing” bike.

Between friends, infrequent finds, and front and rear Campagnolo Victory derailleurs, the bike has all of the parts necessary to work and I have begun to start the frame re-finish on the fork.  I may switch a few parts and will definitely add more as time progresses this winter, but wanted to show some “before” photos for later article comparison. Below is a slide show of the bike presently and following will be about what I am going to do in the next few steps.

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Being a flyfishing road bike, I am set on a vintage look and build.  When building a flyrod with my dad in Blue Ridge, GA last summer, I saw that the hardware on the flyrod could be “blued” like rifle barrels from old Winchesters I have seen.  Immediately I thought of a bicycle frame with the same classic style along with a nice leather case for a 4-piece rod, leather pouch under the saddle for reel and flies, and a front rack large enough for a creel basket to sit in or water pack.  Sanding the frame clean of the old paint will really give it a nice “brushed look” that will give accent to the bluing process, which will then be clear powder-coated to protect the look.  I plan to write a special article with plans for the PVC shell leather rod case.  I like the idea of PVC because of its strength and light weight.  The bike will be outfitted with much of the same Campagnolo parts already equipped and I am considering making / designing the rack myself.  The only major change I may make is to glue some cross style tubulars on the wheels so trail riding will be more robust and stable.