DTworks Venge Custom Vinyl Project

Hello everyone!  Happy 2016!  To start into the new year, I would like to showcase a project I helped out with and something that I am implementing into a business with local clients and soon, over the Internet.  A couple months ago, I purchased a vinyl cutter from Silhouette.  It can be used for a variety of things from decals, wraps, custom graphics on clothing, stencils for paint, templates, and sketching.  The model is a Cameo V2, which is an improved design and machine over its predecessor.  My initial goals were to practice with random requests and ideas and get an efficient workflow going with a quick turnaround.  Onto the first real project!

A local restaurant I love in Arlington, VA is called District Taco that started off as a food truck and now has locations all around the area.  The owner is an avid cyclist and has two teams at different competitive levels and loves to sport fresh custom cycling kits and awesome bikes.  He came to a mutual friend of ours asking to custom paint a Specialized Venge in a District Taco theme.  After telling me about the frame, I offered to make the decals to represent the team and give it that extra panache.  He liked the idea and I started up some designs in Photoshop, making a couple revisions to get the final product.  He had a great idea of having the Sworks on the bike, but as DTworks.  After the decals were applied, the frame was clear coated for protection and came out well.  Here it is!


The paint really was an exceptional finish and good thought went into the accents.  It was outfitted with Enve wheels and cockpit and Dura-Ace Di2 and an SRM.  I didn’t have the pleasure of building it, but it looked very pro.

So, I am open now to all types of new vinyl projects in addition to decals and now completely custom nameplates.  Your team logo with your name or a quote or image — anything is possible.  I am also looking forward to working with businesses in the area for window vinyl decals and panels.  Feel free to connect with me through my Facebook page or by email.  I hope you enjoyed checking out the bike and look forward to expanding these types of projects.  Happy New Year!